Astro binding 1.7.1

I have used OpenHab 1.6.1. with RPi for a long time. For addons I have 1.7.0 versions for astro, mqtt, http, ntp, zwave, rrd4j after earlier discussion with Chris Jackson regarding z-wave problems (all of a SNAPSHOT version from March 2015). All has been very stable and never failed after the change to these bindings.

Today I upgraded everything to the current files of 1.7.1 copied from the homepage download link and the Astro binding fails to deliver info. Everything else works great.

When I add the previously used 1.7.0 binding to the addons library all works again so I have a fix for the problem but still want to ask if there are any known bugs in astro v1.7.1

There have been already a few users who copied accidentally the astro action instead of the astro binding into the addons folder … you should have a quick look onto that …

Many thanks for a quick answer. YES, that was the problem - feel kind of stupid not having noticed it before asking.