Astro Binding Duplicates

Using OH2 with astro2 binding. I remember that when switching to OH2 i deleted the sun and moon thing several times as i couldn’t fully understand the concept. But now redefined.
In the items i only have

Number		astro_sun_azimuth		"Azimuth [%.2f]"     			(g_Astro)	{channel="astro:sun:local:position#azimuth"}
Number		astro_sun_elevation		"Elevation [%.2f]"   			(g_Astro)	{channel="astro:sun:local:position#elevation"}

Every time i update the config files i see in the logs the following…

2016-07-14 07:34:41.426 [WARN ] [.rule.jvmmodel.RulesJvmModelInferrer] - Duplicate field: 'astro_sun_azimuth'. Ignoring 'org.marthome.core.library.items.NumberItem'.
2016-07-14 07:34:41.428 [WARN ] [.rule.jvmmodel.RulesJvmModelInferrer] - Duplicate field: 'astro_sun_elevation'. Ignoring 'or.smarthome.core.library.items.NumberItem'.

Can somebody give me a hint on where to dig for the fix? Or it is really a bug and just sit wait for resolution?

Bug #1574

In your case like mine the warnings concern only channels in channel group.

Edit: mainly but not only in my case.