Astro-Binding - Earliest/Latest time did not work (properly)

Good Morning,

after a crash i hat to set up my hole OH again (OH 3.4), but after setting up the Astro-Binding to controll some light and rollershutters, the trigger channnel configuration with earlierst start did not work.
I used “civil dawn” END in my rule, which i think works. Today the trigger fires at 06:12, but in earliest time
is configured 07:30.
Changing it to Civl Dawn START and the configure the 07:30 to earliest start, changes only that the trigger (rule) fires earlier…

Has anyone an idea what could go wrong or what i do wrong?

rule "Rolladen rauf"
    Channel "astro:sun:local:civilDawn#event" triggered END


Please be aware that there are three different channels involved:

  • civilDawn#start - of type dateTime → e.g. for displaying start of civil dawn
  • civilDawn#end - - of type dateTime → e.g. for displaying end of civil dawn
  • civilDawn#event - of type rangeEvent → only made to trigger rules with START and/or END

You have to setup borders and offset for each of this three channels individually. This is because each channel is independent of the other two channels. Of course you only need to set borders and offset for the event channel, when it comes to rule trigger

In question of start vs. end: civilDawn is the moment when the sun rises above -6 ° elevation. As this is an imaginary one-dimensional line, but the sun is not a null-dimensional dot but a two-dimensional circle, there are two moments, the one when the sun starts touching the line and the other when it ends touching the line. Difference between start and end is shown in civilDawn#duration (higly depends on location and season)

As in the most times in life, when we talking about software, the problem is sitting right between the display and the monitor.
As you explained, giving the “trigger” event the set up earliest start and end, solves the problem.

Civil dawn end is for us personal the right moment (over the year) where the rollershutters shut move up or down. But that means in the summer time, that we have to limit the times that the shutters did not move up to early or to late…