Astro binding issue with night times?

At some point in the last week my day time based events have stopped working. A quick look at the astro sun data shows that all the night based times are blank - see below…

Any thoughts? What could I be missing?

I have the same:

My astro-binding is running fine. It not seems to be a general problem.

Something connected to versions? Day stuff works fine, it’s just the night/evening values which seems to rule out connectivity issues. I’m up to date using the latest release versions as far as I can see.

My lights didn’t turn off this morning as they should (based on astro), I might have some issues as well. I’m running on about a months old snapshot release.

I’ll have to check later for logs…

As we are coming close to the longest day on the nothern hemisphere, a missing nigth event migth be caused by the sun never going below 18°. So the question is for which Position did you observe that?

I was going to ask the same question.

What is your latitude?
Near the summer solstice in higher latitudes the sun will never go under 18° azimuth for astro dawn/dusk
12° for Nautical and 6° for civil

For example if you lived above the polar circle, there would be no sunset!

I’m around 52.2429° N, 0.7105° E and definitely getting sunset/sunrise data.

I am 51.6N (A bit south of you)
Last night the minimum sun elevation was -17.7° and I didn’t get an astrodusk and astrodawn event. A few days ago I still did. The closer to the solstice the higher the lowest sun elevation at night. The astro event will start again after the solstice towards the end of July I expect.


Latitude: 52 ° 32’12 "N
Longitude: 103 ° 53’11 "E.
Height above sea level: 437 m

And what events are missing?

of those that are configured for me now is:

{ channel="astro:sun:local:astroDawn#start" }
{ channel="astro:sun:local:night#start" }
{ channel="astro:sun:local:night#end" }

That’s normal due to your latitude, I lost these events a few days ago too. See above for the reason.

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It is clear, thanks!