Astro binding not refreshing

Dear all,

2 weeks ago I converted from OH1 to OH2. I have mostly Z-wave devices around 10 (still expanding on the go).
The Z-wave portion is working super (thanks @chris). But I’m having some problems with the astro bining. When I first converted it worked normal. But somewhere during the migration it stopped refreshing. Mostly not doing anything now.

I remember seeing the qcheduling off refresh timers in the beginning. Now this just doesn’t show. Even deleting the thing and readding again, changing refresh period. Sometimes it then displays the first values without refreshing. Mostly nothing happens.

I want to use this to check the sunset time. So any toughts on this are welcome :slight_smile:

PS: running the latest openhab-online snapshot from 2 day’s ago and the latest habmin plugin.

Many thanks!

I’m not sure if this is any help to you but I had Astro running (installed and configured through PaperUI), and continued setting up other things. Then I noticed that Astro wasn’t updating. I have Sunrise,Sunset,Azimuth and Elevation set up.
I tried to figure out for quite a while what I did to mess it up. The last thing I configured was MapDB persistence so I focused on figuring out if that was the reason. I couldn’t find anything wrong.
Then I went back to PaperUI and discovered that the Astro binding got somehow “removed”. The binding was still installed but all the Things got removed.
As soon as I set up the Astro Things again, everything started working.