Astro-Binding: offset in event depending on current season?

Is there a possibility to define an offset to an astro-binding-event depending on current season, eg

60 min offset in spring, 90 min offset in summer?

There are multiple sunrise Channels. Granted, each means something slightly different but they are all pretty close together in time. You can define an offset on one, e.g. civic sawn, and the other offset on another, e.g. nautical dawn, and then check Season Channel to determine which one to use.

You can use a Condition in a UI Rule to test the season and only let the rule run for the right trigger based on the season.

You could also just build timers into your rule, so that they’d be triggered by Astro and then wait the appropriate amount of offset (based on checking the season) before firing commands. However, they wouldn’t survive a server restart. For that reason I think Rich’s suggestion is better, but I’ll add this as an option to consider.

Thanks for your advice - I appreciate it!
Your idea is kind of funny - other way round…
Think I’ll go this way, sir!