Astro Binding OH2


My old OH2 Pi had a sudden crash and I’ve had to rebuild my OH2 build. I’ve seen that the Astro Binding is having issues. Has anyone been able to perform a manual install recently? I’ve downloaded the latest Eclipse and placed the astro jar file in the addon directory, but it still didn’t work.

Any suggestions?

The Astro binding is not having issues (unless you’re referring to running the old OH1 binding in compatibility mode).
Use the native OH2 binding. Use a package based install, deploy the openhab2-addons package and activate it the proper OH2 way (list it in addons.cfg as to be loaded).

I got a brand new SD card, created a fresh install of OH2.1, added each binding through Paper UI. The Astro Binding “installs”, but doesn’t find any “Things”.

You need to create the thing manually through PaperUI.

As the docs of the binding state, IF you have a system location (latitude and longitude ) set on your OH instance, local sun and local moon will be autodicovered as soon as the binding is installed. Just tested it! You’ll find them in the Inbox!

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Thanks Opus! That was what I was missing, the lat and long was wiped out with the new install and didn’t restore. Thanks again!