Astro binding openhab2 new rules

Has anyone setup the Astro binding in openhab2 yet?.. I’m trying to setup a rule to turn on lights at sunset but I haven’t had any luck using the new rule system. I was able to get the sunset time to show up but I’m not sure if I need to somehow create a switch that turns on when the sunset starts and then I can have the rule monitor that switch.

This is a known issue, see Simply turn on at sunrise, turn off at sunset in openhab2
In the mean time you can use the old Astro 1 binding or follow the work arounds provided

The thread @canonguy_1 linked is a longer discussion, the result can be found in the Tutorials category. @antasp3136 what you are looking for is the second posting in the following thread:

ok is this using the astro binding 1.x in openhab2?

I setup all the things, items and rules but when i run the command items from the client everything is null… should this have any info?

It uses the 2.0 binding.

ahha!.. that fixed my issue. i guess when sunset hits ill see if my lights turn on. Thanks!