ASTRO Binding stops [ChannelTriggeredEvents]

Hello Guys,

I have a very strange problem…

I set up my openabianpi from the very beginning and make a clear installation on 04.07.2017 also I set three astro-things


And wrote some scripts to switching on the light if the sunset Event was triggered… and it works wonderful till 11.07.2017 …

the last

astro:sun:xyz:set#event triggered START

of ALL free Links was started on 10.07.2017 the others events if Astro binding stopps at 11.07. but there is no reason for that, I changed nothing in the system. Further all things in paperUI are linked as “online” also the sunrise and sunset time will be also updated every night. so the binging should be still working.

has anybody an idea of this phennomenon?

I installed the latest openhabianpi version with openhabian 2.2 snapshot