Astro Binding-sunset triggered?

Thoughts as to why this rule didn’t trigger:

rule “Astro SunSet Triggers”
Channel ‘astro:sun:home:set#event’ triggered START
mailActions.sendMail(“”, “SunSet Initiated”, " " + now.getMonthOfYear + “/” + now.getDayOfMonth + " | " + now.getHourOfDay + “:” + now.getMinuteOfHour + " ")

In the events log is see it triggered
2020-10-19 18:50:00.109 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:home:set#event triggered START
2020-10-19 18:50:00.131 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:home:daylight#event triggered END
2020-10-19 18:50:09.910 [home.event.InboxAddedEvent] - Discovery Result with UID ‘hue:bridge:00178812783e’ has been added.
2020-10-19 18:52:00.003 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:home:civilDusk#event triggered START
2020-10-19 18:52:00.019 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:home:set#event triggered END

Does the rules file load? (see your openhab,log)
Is your rule “name” unique? There is no tell-tale for this, apart from paying attention to it.
How sure are you that your rule did not run, rather than just not doing what you expected? Add a tell-tale to find out.
logInfo("test", "My rule has triggered")

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In my personal experience the astro binding is so unreliable that I had to kick it out for my setup.

Having said that, I never invested time to troubleshoot / to help to improve said binding, so I should not complain to loudly…

Even weirder, checked it this morning, it’s counter part did run:
rule “Astro SunRiseTriggers”
Channel ‘astro:sun:home:rise#event’ triggered START
mailActions.sendMail(“”, “SunRise Initiated”, " " + now.getMonthOfYear + “/” + now.getDayOfMonth + " | " + now.getHourOfDay + “:” + now.getMinuteOfHour + " ")

That is harsh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been using the astro binding for the last 7 years (OH1 & OH2) for various lights, roller shutter, security etc. scenarios and a very informative astro info page in my sitemap, without encountering any problems at all in all that time.

Just to get a very personal experience in as well.

Many thanks to its develeopers! An no, I’m not related, involved or otherwise invested in the astro binding :wink:

You are right - on one hand I got quite frustrated with the binding, on the other hand I can’t blame the binding if I’m not investing time and effort to find the root of my problems with the binding :sweat_smile: