Astro binding time wrong

I just installed the astro binding for openhab 2.4 and noticed that the “noon” start time, on the Control tab in Paper UI, is 14:35. I have the locale set for en_us and timezone for New York. Is this a bug or do I need to correct something. I am new to openhab for about a month. Thank you.


Acc. to Naval Obs or pyephem, the solar transit even for Western is more than an hour (1h14m) earlier in Eastern Daylight Time/UTC-4. So it’s not a one hour offset, and the difference is larger than the sun’s diameter can cause. Assuming your system runs on the correct time and timezone (linux? please post the output of the “date” command on the commandline), there are still some possibilities that the astro binding actually does what it is supposed to do:

  • There is a time offset defined for that channel.
  • The location you define in the binding may have a typo and is further west than NY state.