Astro Binding with weather

i start to migrate my FHEM-System to OH2. To trigger darkness (for Shutter / Light etc.) i formerly used the “Twilight”-Plugin for FHEM. There you have the options:

0 - total night, sun is at least -18 degree below horizon
1 - astronomical twilight, sun is between -12 and -18 degree below horizon
2 - nautical twilight, sun is between -6 and -12 degree below horizon
3 - civil twilight, sun is between 0 and -6 degree below horizon
4 - indoor twilight, sun is between the indoor_horizon and 0 degree below horizon (not used if indoor_horizon=0)
5 - weather twilight, sun is between indoor_horizon and a virtual weather horizon (the weather horizon depends on weather conditions (optional)
6 - maximum daylight

The Lightoption 5 - Weather twilight is very nice because it shifts the time earlier when its cloudy.
Is there an solution for Openhab to recreate this? The Astro-Binding offers me only “Civil Dawn” which is ok but not perfect :wink:


Astro binding also provides:

group rise, set, noon, night, morningNight, astroDawn, nauticDawn, civilDawn, astroDusk, nauticDusk, civilDusk, eveningNight, daylight

In conjunction with the weather binding and a simple rule you should be able to create the same functionality.

@sihui I also have a problem. Channel astroDawn (StartTime) is not running anymore. I first recognized it with build #920 and after this till now I used build #940 (, today I updated to build #958 (, but it is still not running anymore! See here: AstroDawn (Start time) is empty!

Could you please check?

I don’t use AstroDawn but did a test just now and I’m seeing the same behaviour:

You should file an issue ticket at:

Unfortunately it looks like in the current builds the astro binding is broken anyway:

Done, see here #3718

Yes i know the other outputs from the binding but i think for light in the evening Civil Dawn is the best option.

I hoped that there is a way build in the System. Then i think i will go with an Rule where the “Civil Dawn” joins with the Cloudlevel.

// clouds
Number Clouds “Clouds [%.0f %%]” {weather=“locationId=home, type=clouds, property=percent”}

i can’t check it now because i’m not at Home. But i think yesterday i had full Data from the Binding. But I do not know if I have the current version of the Binding. I will check that later and give an Feedback too :slight_smile:

“astroDawn#start” ="-" is not a binding issue, it’s an astronomical issue. “Astronomical dawn” is currently “n/a” in my hometown.