Astro + Homematic - Problem

Hello guys,

I have a lot of issue wih the astro binding.

I use the astro-binding to control my rollershutter (Homematic). For this I created two rules which are triggered with the sunset and sunrise.

The system works well for serverals days. But than after some days the system (rules) are stopped working.

Is this a knowed problem?
Can someone help me?

Kind regards,

Can you post your rule and corresponding logs when it stops working? I use Astro as well but I have a backup rule, which is a time based Cron.

Are you using a RPi with microSD card? I suspect you have a corrupted or worn out SSD device.

Which OH version do you use ?
This behavior is a known bug in the Eclipse smarthome core used in OH 2.1, it is solved in OH 2.2.
To verify if this is you problem, scan the logs for something like “no more executions”.


First thanks’s for the fast answers.

I’m using a RPi with a microSD card? What is the problem with a “wrong out SSD device”? What this means? (Sorry when this is a stupid questions :wink: )

I’m using Openhab 2.2.0-1 (release Build).

I’m currently not at home. So I will post the rules tommorrow.

Many experience reliability issues with microSD cards over time. I have personally experienced the same.

Simply type sdcard into the search and start browsing. I expect you will find that others have the same experiences.

Are you sure the problem is the astro binding? Have you kept an eye on available system memory, and how it changes from a fresh start/reboot to the time the system stops working?

If everything else works EXCEPT astro-related rules, then it must an astro-related problem. If you have random issues anywhere else, verify that your card is good.

Hi Thomas,

I have no solution, but the same problem it seems. I’m using the Homematic hardware and the openHAB 2 rulesets for months now, and everything was fine; ca. 10 days ago, my rollershutters stopped working on sunset/ sunrise (but my sun protection rulesets are still working).

The astro binding did not stop working - number items like azimuth or elevation are still updated, and the graphs are complete. What does not longer work are the START or END triggers - the last entry in events.log is about one week old.

2018-03-09 00:00:30.048 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:c98bf998:morningNight#event triggered START

No more triggers since then, even I restarted the binding, restarted openHAB 2, restarted the whole host…

esh-binding-astro                           │ 0.10.0.b1        │          │ Started     │ openhab-addons-2.2.0    │
openhab-binding-astro                       │ 2.2.0            │ x        │ Started     │ openhab-addons-2.2.0    │ Astro Binding

I have absolutely no idea what’s going wrong here; any help would be appreciated.