Astro Icons; sunrise, sunset, any others?

I recently learned their is a sunrise and sunset icon available for use in items and sitemaps. But those icons are not show in the Classic Icon set here:

So does anyone know or have a complete list of possible Astro icons? Are there additional other sun and moon icons, ie, fullmoon, nomoon, halfmoon? Or other sun icons as well?

Please switch the article version to v2.1.0

Yes, that is where I found the sunrise and sunset icons, and see the same moon icon in both.

So I guess there are no other sun or moon then what we find there correct? It would be pretty cool to have a dynamic moon icon of full, half, etc to match the moon periods.

No, there aren’t such icons yet, though it sounds very nice. You can use your own icons and copy them to {OPENHAB-CONF}/icons/classic/