[AsusWRT] New Binding to get infromations from ASUS-Routers


there’s now a new binding for connecting to asus-routers with asuswrt&asuswrt-merlin OS.
You can read out network informations and connected clients at the moment.
Feel free to download and test it


Please write down your comments here. If it will work i’ll create a PR



What what what this is amazing.
Any work being done into integrating it with the standard openHAB App Store??

Just test it and report here if it works or it has issues. :smile:

No issues so far. It scans all connected devices. How do you integrate the metrics of the router itself? Nor WAN, nor LAN has any channels

Normally the wan and lan interface should have channels with connection state (wan = internet connection) and informations like ipAdresses. Currently i’m integrating a traffic usage but it’s not ready at the moment

Both have no channels but things are online

"This thing has no channels. Either the thing type doesn’t define channels, or they may be detected and appear later. "

Can you please post a trace log?

Sure, can I mail it to you? too much internal info to post this public
I have sent you a message with the trace

Log looks good. Don’t really know why your channels are missing.
Uploaded new version with traffic stats and a bit more logging.
Maybe you have to remove the things and add them again so that new channels appear

It works now, thanks!

Great ! I was thinking about making one, I’m glad you did. Many thanks.

Do you accept some feature requests ? :innocent:
I would like to send command to the router : reboot it, enable/disable vpn, enable/disable wifi, enable/disable Diversion…

If you give me a hint how to do his with webApi of course :grin:

Great job!
Added it to my OH 3.3.0 and it works.

How I can add Ai-Mesh node?

Not sure. Try to create a new bridge and enter IP-Address in config.

The PR is here:

This doesn’t seem to work with OH4

Uploaded new version wich should work


I use the official Asuswrt Binding from the openHAB store.
The version of the binding is 4.0.2 and runs on OpenHAB 4.0.2.

The binding basically works but I don’t get the data transfer rate of the current traffic (rx and tx).
The value remains 0.00.

Does the router have to be specially configured for this?
It is an Asus RT-AX86U PRO.

Thanks in advance.

The problem seems to be in the version 4.0.2.
With the version 4.0.0 it works fine.

No changes made by me there.
Maybe you can post the trace-response of your router from log.
But currently i’m not using an Asus-Router anymore.