At a crossroads: Best route?

I am trying to decide on the best bridge for my my current setup and future needs. My objective is to have all of my lights (listed below) to work through OH and and be controlled by sensors, remote, and/or timer. Fortunately, I’ve been able to collect a large number of lights and switches at discount prices over the last few months. Unfortunately, I’ve got several different brands of lights and need to get them unified. Here is what I’m currently working with:

RPI3 running OH 1.82
WeMo Link
(2) WeMo LEDs
(2) WeMo Switches/Outlet
(20) GE Link Lights (connected through WeMo Link)
(1) GE Link/Wink Hub (not being used currently)
(1) Phillips Bridge (roommate owns and would like to avoid using as the main bridge for the OH project)
(3) Phillips Hue Iris (mine and currently connected to roommates bridge)
(1) IKEA Dioder LED strips (not connected to anything yet)
(1) IKEA Dioder LED flex strip (not connected to anything yet)
(1) OLS by PPA Intn’l Multi-color series controller with about (12) LED strips (not connected to anything yet)
(1) Zwave USB Stick (not used currently and likely irrelevant to this part of my project)

Currently, I am using the WeMo Link to control the WeMo and GE LEDs. The only reason I am using the Wemo Link instead of Wink is because I owned it first. My roommate has a Hue Bridge but I’d rather not rely on his hardware to run the much bigger home automation project unless necessary. If I’m better off buying a Hue Bridge or some other hub, I’m open to doing that. I don’t want to use the wrong hardware platform as the foundation and have to start over in a few months.

Phase 1: Get Wemo, Phillips, and GE LEDs connected to OH
Phase 2: Add motion sensors and presence to OH to control LEDs
Phase 3: Add IKEA and OLS LEDs to OH

I’d like to use Arduino clones and MySensors in Phase II. Something similar in Phase III but haven’t really looked into that yet.