Attach zigbee USB dongle to PC and make it work?

Purchased a USB GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub.

Plugged it in but I cannot find any documentation at all on how to associate it with OpenHAB. None of the documentation I have seen shows how to enable it so I can attach zigbee devices to it.

Can someone point to to a document that explains how to get this working?

Running Windows 10 with OpenHAB.

It seems that this is really meant for people with some programming experience or tons of free time. I was able to get the devices added but now the rest is pretty daunting.

Trying to get many of the items to work seems like it will take a long time.

Energy Monitoring of an outlet. Not sure which I should choose from the electrical items to see current watts or voltage.

Switch temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Create rule like this.

If door sensor open wait 60 seconds. Check Current or power usage and if there is usage then shut off power outlet.

If door sensor is closed turn on power to outlet

Actually, oddly, people with programming experience seem to struggle a little at first as well. Yes, OpenHAB is going to take some time to get set up and working depending on how much you want it to do. Many of us here do spend our weekends fiddling with it, it’s a hobby

Once you get the hang of writing rules, it will seem less daunting.

That’s a big step forward, excellent.

That’s a physics question really, not openHAB.

Energy = power x time.
For an electrical device, that is often expressed as kWh (kilowatt hours),
Maybe your mystery device offers a reading like that already.

Power = speed of energy consumption
For an electrical device, that is often expressed in W (watts) or kW (thousands of watts).
If you know the power consumption W, you can measure time and calculate energy.

Electrical Power = voltage x current
If you don’t know the power reading, you can calculate it like that.
If your mystery device does that for you and provides a power reading of its own, those aren’t likely to be of much interest.

Current can be useful for seeing if something is on or off, or how hard it is working. A power reading provides the same information.