Attaching switch to group of switches gives an error

I have two items in a group “gAlarmLights”

Switch  Plug70  "Plug70"        <light> (gMisc, gAlarmLights)   { http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:]", mqtt=">[house_mqtt:HA/devices/plug70/status:state:*:default], <[house_mqtt:HA/devices/plug70/cmd:command:default]" }
Switch  Plug71  "Plug71"        <light> (gMisc, gAlarmLights)   { http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:]", mqtt=">[house_mqtt:HA/devices/plug71/status:state:*:default], <[house_mqtt:HA/devices/plug70/cmd:command:default]" }

I have no trouble exercising these devices individually, but when I use the switch widget in HabPanel, I get this error

2017-02-25 21:24:13.679 [WARN ] [] - Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/gAlarmLights’ with an invalid status value ‘ON’.

What’s going on here?

Hmmm… 3 days and no replies…

Does this mean that nobody has an idea, or that it’s a dumb question?

I’ve since found This possible solution involving creating a rule but it seems like a work-around for functionality that should already work.

I’d appreciate any feedback/help.


What does your item definition for gAlarmLights look like?

There is nothing obviously wrong with the config I can see.
But how does the group item look like?
You can experiemement a bit with the REST Api and try to send the same command via POSTMAN or similar and see the result here.
Maybe it’s a bug in the REST API or the HabPanel…, does the other group work fine?

The gAlarmLights definition is simply:

Group   gAlarmLights          "Alarm Lights"


I haven’t had time to try using the other group. I hope to play with different options this weekend.