Attempting to add ZWave ZW4002 and ZW4201

Purchased a ZW4002 and ZW4201 yesterday along with a few other switches. Everything to date has added seamlessly so this is my first dive into this portion of the fun. I have made an account at cd-jackson and submitted a ticket for elevated permissions so i can try to add them. Each device is in the database in some form or another already.

My zw4001 is a 14287-1 and the ZW4201 is a 14284-1.

See below pastebin for debug log if any of that is relevant. node12 is ZW4201 and node13 is ZW4002. I attempted to add Node13 while it was logging but can redo 12 again if it’s needed for anything.

I suppose my question is basically, do i just need to wait for permissions and modify an existing XML for the new device since there are others in the database or what? Since im new i would rather ask than proceed incorrectly. thanks for your assistance.

Well ok then. I just updated to 2.2 snapshot of OH and the binding and they came right up. So it must have been things that don’t like to work with 2.1.

Good enough for me.