[AU] Amber Electric Binding?

Hi All,
There have been a couple of posts here about Amber Electric - who are an Australian Electricity retailer who offer wholesale pricing for electricity.

There is a rule/script floating around in a thread at So, what are you doing with the API? · amberelectric/public-api · Discussion #65 · GitHub - however I’m thinking about creating a simple binding that would make it easier for newbies to get started.

For anyone that might be interested, what items/channels would you be interested in?

For me:

Current price $/kWh
Spot price $/kWh
Switch for whether there is a power spike currently happening
% renewables

Anything else? I’m not looking to import price history - I’m using this more as data to adjust house activities - ie turn the heater/aircon on when pricing drops super low.



As a European I don’t need it :slight_smile: but I guess it would be nice to have a timestamp at least for “when was the last update” or something like “price is valid from - to”

Hi Udo - I think the timestamp of last updated is a good idea - the prices can change every 5 minutes, but knowing that the price is current is useful (incase the API breaks).

If there are any Aussie Amber Electric customers, I just about have something ready to test…

Edit: Source code is at GitHub - psmedley/openhab-addons at amberelectric
Link to binding (OH 4.x only right now) is: https://smedley.id.au/tmp/org.openhab.binding.amberelectric-4.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Updated 19AUG23 - configuration now accepts the NMI (National Meter ID) rather than asking for the siteid which would only be known to advanced users. This eases configuration for those folks that have multiple sites.

@Paul_Smedley I’m not an Amber customer currently. I’m curious, are you able to control your inverter to not export to the grid, at times when exporting gives you a negative FiT? If you could do this, then it would be extremely useful. Otherwise I’d imagine it would only be handy for EV charging control.

Hey Jim - nice to see you here :slight_smile: My particular inverters (Solar Edge & Fronius) don’t allow inverter control. I will be able to write rules though for EV charging based on grid price, and also things like turning on the heating/cooling based on grid price. Also planning on turning off the dishwasher/dryer if there is a price spike and the battery is low. Plenty that can be done other than just inverter control :stuck_out_tongue: