August lock pro 3rd binding

it connects fine, but it says an unknown device

what i want to know is this lack of openhab ZWave database update? so if i shift to home assistant it will work?
because i saw multiple posts there it work without any issue


You haven’t included the device properly - it has not been included with security (see the red cross next to using security in your image).

How did you include this? In any case, you need to reset the device and reinclude it through the UI.

i include it via Aeotec’s Z-Stick Gen5

but when i did that i got a warning saying that I’m using S0 security protocol instead of S2 put after that it says successful

If you’re including it using different software, you will need to ensure that you have set the security key used to do the inclusion in openHAB, otherwise openHAB will not be able to communicate with the device.

I’d recommend resetting the device and including through openHAB.


Agree completely. I have one of these and it’s working just fine. As @chris says, include it using HABmin, and make sure it’s included securely.

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i reset everything and start over by adding the lock via openhab instead of the stick but resulted the same thing

i think the issue is with Aeotec’s Z-Stick as it allows connection to other devices by pressing twice on the stick to turn it to include mode first

what z wave hub are you guys using?

Why do you think that as I think it’s unlikely? Does the debug log show some error?

This is not possible for secure mode. As I said earlier, you need to include through openHAB - either using PaperUI or HABmin. You cannot press the button on the stick this will simply never work.


i did it again but this time i factory reset my Aeotec’s Z-Stick
opened the August lock and start pairing mode and it showed up in openHAB but this time it didn’t says unknown device it actually recognize it :star_struck:

thank you a lot, you made my day <3

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