Auto Discovery Devices with ESPEasy and Homie?

Hello openHAB friends

I’ve been attempting to get my ESPEasy devices working with OH3 server and today I was successful!!! :smiley:
It worked just like the documentation said it should / would for my temperature sensor.

Now I just have a best Practice question.

All 18 of my devices have been manually created as a generic MQTT thing.

I think I want to make them all use Homie.
Should I delete the generic thing first then add the new homie thing when discovered or just start over with my setup?

You can have your Generic MQTT things and Homie Things running at the same time without problem so it’s really up to you. You definitely do not need to start all over with everything.

I would discover the Homie Things, add the links from the Homie Things to your existing Items. Then Remove the links from your Generic MQTT Things before deleting the Generic MQTT Thing itself.

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Hi Rich

Thanks for the advice I’ll do that.

When adding my ESP devices as homie things I noticed the configuration for sending commands isn’t the same as the generic things as seen here.

The homie thing channel doesn’t have the Custom On/Open Value.
Where should I put the Command for a homie device?

I’ve not used Homie myself, but suspect there will be either those options or the option to apply a transformation if you click “Show Advanced”. It’s hard to say though as you’ve pasted the same screenshot so I don’t know what the Homie version looks like.

However, my understanding is that the Homie spec should make it so that you don’t have to transform or provide custom values for those. The spec already provides standard messages for that which the binding should understand and do the transformation for you.

Sorry about that I corrected the image on my previous post to show the generic and homie MQTT device.

The Channel configuration of the homie device doesn’t have the Show Advanced option.
Thanks for the info anyway I’ll see if anyone else is using the homie convention.