Auto Install ESH Bundles After Fresh OpenHab installation


Instead of manually reinstalling/reactiving dependent ESH components required by a custom built binding, is there a way to automatically these ESH components everytime we clear /cache and /tmp after each openhab snapshot upgrade? My custom binding actually depends on esh-io-transport-mqtt

I’d also post this over on the ESH forums if you don’t get a response here.

Not a good advice, since this seems to be a question about starting bundles in Karaf, which has nothing to do with ESH.
But I honestly do not understand the question. Afaik, any bundle in the addons folder is always automatically started anyhow.

No problem. My custom binding (which resides in addons folder) relies on “esh-io-transport-mqtt” feature (on karaf console: feature:list). The binding does not start until “esh-io-transport-mqtt” is installed and activated. Unfortunately, everytime i upgrade openhab2, i have to go through the following commands in karaf in order to activate the custom binding:

feature:install esh-io-transport-mqtt

For Openhab2 addons, this can be resolved (auto install and activate) by adding the required openhab package into "addons.cfg. However, for ESH feature components, I’m not sure how to do it.