Auto start OH2 with package repository?

Ok the doc makes me confused when it put Service section inside Manual Installation.
What about autostart OH2 as a service if I choose package installation?
Just a little positive feedback, the documents for OH2 is quite disorder. If it wants to warn users something (DO NOT part) please put it in the first lines . The Package Installation and Manual Installtion Instruction must be more separated ( for example it should be added a skip “Manual Instruction” button if the users choose the “Package” one, I think it can avoid people mixing up 2 method)

It’s done automatically for you.

Not strictly true, you still have to enable it by following the instructions printed on the screen after the first install, which will depend on your system.

Okay, thx, haven’t done a new install since a while …

thanks for your quick reply

This is indeed a bit uncommon. Normally you will see debian packages including a service automatically being activated and started.

@Nguy_n_Phuc_Anh_D_ng but still: All you need to do is follow the instructions. If you followed the package installation instructions you will have seen this part:

That’s I believe what you are looking for. Activating and Starting the openHAB background service.

I don’t want to silence your concerns but I don’t see why you would additionally do anything that’s under Manual installation if you are clearly not doing a manual installation :slight_smile:

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