Auto update changed config files

In openhab1 I liked the feature that config files that get changed in the file system (e.g. I copied a new *.items file there), the change was detected by the runtime automatically and the config file was re-read and the updated items immediately available in the system.

In openhab2 with the karaf runtime this seems not to work anymore. What am I supposed to do after I have changed the sitemap or items file? Shutdown and restart of the whole app might work, but that’ll take too long for a reasonable round-trip. single bundles I could restart?

I’m pretty sure that this was working for me this evening with build #95.

Yes, this should definitely work (and it does so for me)!

Ok, I updated to build 104. It only worked for me after I renamed my items, rules and sitemap files from default.sitemap to some other name, like myHome.sitemap. So far with openhab1 it was ok to have files named default.items, default.sitemap, etc. Was this changed recently?

No, and I really wonder if this is true - there definitely is no logic that would make any difference based on the filename…


I’ve noticed the same issue on Beta2 and confirmed in the 26/02/2016 snapshot. (Don’t know with previous release)
items or sitemap files modifications are not detected.
New files are not detected

Is there another way to force the conf refresh of Openhab2 than stopping and starting the server?

For me it’s working on latest snapshot and I receive message in log file:
2016-02-27 22:58:01.324 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model ‘default.items’

But on the webpages (paperui and basicui) the same item will be shown 2 or 3 times. I’m not sure yet if it’s related to updating config files, but it looks so.

For me it does not post anything to either openhab.log or events.log when i change my files so I have been starting and stopping openhab2 each time I want to refresh. Total bummer.

Hi folks,

sorry to bring this up again after more than 1 year.

Inspired by the release of openhab 2.1 I started to renew my 1.8.3 setup from scratch.
Unfortunately it seems like I also have the problem that configuration files are not reloaded after changes :weary:
There are no errors or warnings in the logs. Basically nothing happens when saving a config file.

Anybody else facing this issue with 2.1 stable release? Any progress in solving this issue?