Autocreate function like it is in FHEM?

Raspi 3+, Openhab(ian), NanoCul433 on USB01,

Hello everybody,

After doing the first steps with Openhab on the weekend and switching my 433mhz sockets right now I have the next question:

Is there a possibility, as in FHEM, “autocreate”? Where does the system “monitor” the frequencies and immediately display the data?

That was really helpful for me with the wireless switches !

Since I wanted to try to tie the 433mhz bell and other things …

RFSniffer I do not get to work, i think because I have no “board” at GPIOs but a USB NanoCul to USB01 …

Many thanks for the help !

I think that the “equivalent” would be the Thing Discovery functionality in OH2
but this applies only to v2 bindings which support/implement it

which binding are you using to connect to your NanoCul433 and read the 433MHz endpoints?
If this is a v1 binding: then it does not support Discovery