(autocreated) Things and channels and Sitemaps

Hello Guys, I’m struggeling. I’m trying to get a simple switch integrated into a Sitemap. As far as I understood it in oh1 there were items and then you could “name” a channel and then use this name in the sitemap to link those.
Okay, I had a homegear installation with a couple of devices. I installed openhab2, then installed the homematic binding and saw my devices appear in the inbox after configuring the binding.
If i now go in the control-part of paper, I can toggle the switches and everything seems to be working so far.

But now I would need the name of the “state” channel of this switch in order to build my sitemap … and I don’t know how to obtain this name. This “thing” got created automatically.

Best Gerrit

Hi, I got it working now. Problem was, the automatic “function” did some magic in the background, but did not populate the name of the link … so I couldn’t use it in a sitemap.

I switched the automatic function off, deleted my “thing”, added it back again and noticed that I now could add Items via UI. I did that and then I noticed that I could link the item with a channel in the thing.
I haven’t found a passage in the docs covering that in this way and it wasn’t quite selfexplaining, but here we go.

From my experience over the last two days, reading a lot of stuff, testing a lot of different things … this project is probably the best documented in this field. Beta is Beta and sure there are some obstacles.
I think that this automatic-function is really nice, but it’s missing some essential features. I also secound the opinion to save things, bindings and items in plain text.cfg-files. They allow more transparacy and there is really no need to do it in the db.

Best Gerrit