Automated smartserver deployment with ansible


after 2 hardware failures, I decided to step back from a manual installed system. From this point, I switched over, to a fully ansible based deployment which means I can format my harddisk and reinstall my whole setup in 30 minutes by just starting a script. It is fully tested with a CI system and highly customizeable.

You can check my project smartserver.

Currently it installs and configures the following services

  • firewalld
  • watcher service to notify if any services failes
  • harddisk observing
  • docker (deprecated)
  • podman
  • ssh
  • dns
  • openvpn (deprecated)
  • wireguard vpn
  • postfix
  • nfs (for cloud backup)
  • samba
  • ftp (for camera snapshots)
  • mysql
  • influxdb
  • grafana
  • fluentd (log collector incl. journald)
  • loki logging db
  • redis
  • mosquitto (mqtt broker)
  • netdata (server monitoring)
  • apache
  • php
  • php_myadmin
  • custom web based administration ui
  • nextcloud
  • onlyoffice
  • openhab
  • custom openhab configuration
  • vcontrold (my heating system)
  • custom CI system