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My opehab (V2.10.3) on a Raspi2B is running smoothly except of one strange thing. From time to time the system is updating itself with an old configuration. All changes which I made during that time are gone… this backup is updated automatically without any action from my side. How can I deactivate this ??

Regards Peter

err, what sort of configuration or program do you mean that changes?
There is no such thing as openHAB 2.10.3 so I suspect you’re confusing some things there…

I agree with Markus, there is definitely some confusion here. But I suspect that the problem you are seeing is caused by a wearing out SD card. There is nothing built into openHAB nor into openHABian that would replace the current configuration with an old one.

To admit, I had exactly that problem myself. I was copying the SD to another USB-attached SD card writer. Due to how the RPi startup works (it’s somewhat 2-staged), this at times made the RPi boot from internal SD first but then on proceeding with booting the kernel, it took the external card’s partition as its root. So when I had made changes to the external card and switched card, after boot it was exactly like he described: an automatic setback. Boy this gave me some headache, too (and frankly, I still haven’t figured it out 100%).

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Ok… yes, it was a backup from an old installation… how did you solve it?

The backup state is from that time when I change the HW…

What i do not understand is, the openhab installation is installed on the SD card only. Why the system is jumping back to the old status?


If you don’t have two sets of media like the case that Markus described, than what is likely happening (and this has happened to be before too) is that your writes to the SD card are cached in memory. Your SD card is worn out so the changes never actually get saved to the SD card. Eventually or on a reboot, all those cached writes get lost and the file “reverts” to it’s old state since the writes failed.

I imagine the same behavior could exist with zram if you fail to properly shut down the machine so all the writes made to the ram disk get flushed to the SD card.

In my case, I had a log file that wouldn’t rotate. I’d manually delete it and everything was fine until I rebooted again. Then the file I deleted came back. I also so edits made to other files revert on a reboot too.

Removed the 2nd medium. And ultimately I reinstalled. If I were you I’d migrate/reinstall using openHABian, but use a new SD card.

thanks for that tip.

There is no second medium installed… it´s just the SD card connected.
I´ve downloaded an image from that time…

rgds, Peter

Check /etc/fstab, it defines where / is mounted from as a PARTUUID. That’s not necessarily always pointing to the internal SD. But for the whole story I’m afraid you have to google.