Automatic frame generation from Group Items


I am try to generate a sitemap. I would like to present a frame. Inside of the frame I want to show all switches from a specific group. Is this possible?


sure this is possible. Put all items in the specific group 1, 2, 3 …:

itemtype itemname ["labeltext"] [<iconname>] [(group1, group2, ...)] [["tag1", "tag2", ...]] [{bindingconfig}]

and use the group in the sitemap. Or use frames for more flexibility:

Thanks for the swift response,

I already put items in Groups

Switch Licht_Waschkueche_Decke_Schalten							"Licht WaschkĂĽche Decke schalten" (Waschkueche,Licht,Schalten) { knx="1/1/0+1/5/0" }
Switch Licht_Chillerzimmer_Decke_Schalten						"Licht Chillerzimmer Decke schalten" (Chillerzimme,Licht,Schalten) { knx="1/1/12+1/5/12" }
Switch Licht_Flur_2OG_Decke_Schalten							"Licht 2.OG Decke schalten" (Flur_2OG,Licht,Schalten) { knx="1/1/25+1/5/25" }

Then, in the sitemap I want to show all items in Group “Licht” in a frame without name all expliciet.

sitemap _default label="Test" {
        Frame item=Licht 

But in the Frame “Licht” appearing no items. I don’t want to show them in a group on my site.
Is this possible?

Does anybody has an idea? Sure, I can add all items by hand. But I like the programing way :wink:

Frame {
	Group item=Licht

Then, I getting a group as a collection of all Items “Licht”. I want to have all Items from group “Licht” in a frame. Without any grouping in the UI.

oops … ok
Does your sitemap file contain any other info?
If not, add the closing curly bracket:

sitemap _default label="Test" {
        Frame item=Licht

I will test it on my system also and let you know… edit: it didn’t work :frowning:

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Yes, I have the curly brackets and just simplified with these only three lines. Unfortunately its not working :-(. But thanks for testing on your System.

something is not right…
I am still trying to get it to work but I can’t seem to make it happen…

I tried several combos… Maybe it’s because I am still at the first cup of coffee… :smile:

I will inject some more caffeine into my system, try again and let you know

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Nope… I got close, but no cigar…


i) Frame item=gGF
ii) Frame item=gGF { Text label="Test" }

It works like:

Frame { Group item=gGF }

It also works with a simple item (not a group):

Frame item=WU_Temp

Conclusion: You can’t use Group Item Types in the Frame element.

I will open up an issue in the to make note of this in

This is not possible, but there is a PR that tried to implement such a feature. If you are interested in it, you can try to revive it :slight_smile: