Automating Master Bedroom

Hi all,
I took my master bedroom as my first automation experience.
I need to know what is the best way to voice control the TV to play music automatic.
What i want is to say for example “play metallice” or “play quiet song” and to ear music from youtube or from my nas.
I have an android box connected to TV with build in cast technology and kodi installed.
My TV is Hisense A6130 - A6100 series
I have snips and openhab runnig on rpi 3.
Is it possible to do it with this 2 bindings?

I prefer to do it without any other devices. If other devices are needed, it should be over network, because i don’t want to use WiFi.

Any suggestion?

Upfront, which device should listen to the voice command?

If i understand correctly, im using snips on a rpi 3b

For snips see this Thread, although it does require more then a raspi!

Any idea how to start from my openhab a desired audio automatically (youtube or local from my nas)?