Automation at different places with the same login id

Hello Everyone,

I am working on home automation system with openhab and raspberry pi+esp8266.
Last year i did the complete setup and its working great in my office. But now i want to install it at my home. But i have a doubt that can i do it with the same User ID and password?
When i am trying to signup it need Openhab UUID and secret keys. If i enter the same as previous its showing error.
Actually i want to do it with the same image file on raspberry pi but when i am trying to do then with new changes into the openhab UI with different IP address its showing changes into the previous UI as well.
So confused. Kindly help.

You can login into and modify the UUID & Secret for your account at:

You can create 2 accounts, one for each OH2 installation (with unique UUID & Secret combos)

You cannot have 1 account shared for 2 OH2 installations (even if you use the same UUID & Secret… because you will end up with the problems that you are experiencing now)

Thank you @Dim for the information.
Can i do it by writing the previous image file into new SD Card? or i have to do all the steps again for the new account. Actually i forgot how we genrated the UUID and secret keys at that time.
Is there any method to genrate the new uuid and secret key with the same image file on different raspberry pi and sd card?

you can clone the existing SD card and then:

If I am not completely wrong: stopping OH2, deleting the UUID and Secret files and starting OH2 again will generate new UUID & Secret files

try this (backup existing files first)

Thank you so much for your suggestion @Dim. I am just doing this.

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I tried it @Dim but the UUID and secret key fields are empty after reboot. Is there any other solution for this?

You can try uninstalling the openHAB cloud connector via PaperUI, stop and restart OH, then reinstall the cloud connector. It may also help to clean the cache and tmp file while you have OH stopped.

Thanks @H102. After uninstalling the openhab cloud connector from paperUI. Its generated the new UUID. But not secret key. So i used the previous secret key and new UUID to make a new account on and its created successfully.
But i want to ask is there any option to generate the new secret key as well?
if i use the same secret key with different account for my house.Will it cause problem again?