Automation - Quo vadis and where should i go

From my point of view automation is besides the ui and a lot of integrations/binding the key element for a smarthome. The smarthome should act based on rules and not button presses from a user.
My automations rule are somewhere between DSL and Jython. But what is in the oh3 box:

  • DSL Rules
  • Javascript
  • Groovy just around the corner (thx @wborn)
  • Node Red
  • jython (hopefully) (thx @5iver)

Unfortunately jython is based on Python 2.7 where the eol is in early 2021 as i understand. Then i heard about graalVM that is supporting a lot of languages and i tried it running oh3 on it. It works …

Based on the current situation my testing are stuck and i am thinking about the right automation for me/my smarthome. So i like to hear your thoughts about automation. What is your way and why? Will oh3 move to graal to support more language for automation? What are the ideas from maintainers and contributors? How will the future of oh3 automation will be?

Thanks Thomas

I am hoping for Python 3 using HABApp. (thx @Spaceman_Spiff)

Jython is based on Python 2 CPython 2 support ended early this year…

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AFAIK there are only builds for 64-bit OS-es. So for many SBC owners (Raspberry Pi 1-3) GraalVM does not work:

It actually already happened on January 1, 2020.

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Version 2.7 of CPython, the Python reference interpreter, was EOL on 1/1/2020. This should not be confused with Jython, which is also a Python interpreter. Jython has it’s own maintenance and support schedule and is still being developed. The latest information and discussions can be found in the jython-dev mailing list. Jython development has also moved to Github.

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Your are right. The question is mor in the direction if Python 2.7 is the right way (Jython) or something in the direction of Python 3 (GraalVM) or something else.

In fact i moved about 60% of my rules to jython the rest is DSL and with a view on OH3 i stopped all my efforts.