Does anyone have an AutoPi? I have 3 of them and would like to send GPS and other info directly from the AutoPi to openHAB via MQTT. I am happy to buy a unit for anyone that wants to come up with a solution for me. My guess is that its only a few hours of work.


I saw also your other requests. I’m also thinking about getting my car into OpenHAB but the only use-case which I see is displaying the fuel level to see when it is required to refuel before a long trip or when the gas got cheaper. For this use-case it would be sufficient when the car is (again) within the local wifi network. Therefore I wouldn’t require a cloud solution. In which data are you interested (and for which use-case)?

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Position is the biggest

I haven’t really looked into it, but can AutoPi’s gps data be linked into owntracks? Openhab has a binding for owntracks so that might be what you’re looking for?

I have an AutoPi. Did you manage to find a solution? I strongly suggest to look into their documentation page.