Autoupdate and the Basic UI

I’ve been running a few tests with a switch item that has autoupdate="false" in the binding configuration. My sitemap switch has a mapping for on & off, so I get two buttons next to each other in the UI.

It appears as if in the Classic UI this works well – the button is pressed, but the UI does not change until the state is updated by the binding. Same thing for the iOS UI – it appears to work well.

The Basic UI seems to not respect autoupdate="false" and updates the state of the UI immediately, rather than waiting for the state to change.

Is this expected behaviour?

I’ve been having the same issue.

Is this normal behavior of OH2?
Has anyone figured this out?

Any info is appreciated.

I don’t think any UI is expected to take any account of autoupdate, that’s an instruction to the bindings level.

I am not sure what affects refresh on Basic UI