Autoupdate = false

I’ve seen a lot of threads on the forum recently about Autoupdate = false. I’ve learned a lot about what it is and how it works but I don’t think it is actually documented anywhere. I would expect to see it documented on the Items wiki page or on each of the binding’s wiki pages but I can find no discussion of it anywhere.

  1. Is this an OH 2 only thing or is it also for OH 1?

  2. Am I missing the documentation for it or is it missing from the wiki?

  3. Has this always been there or is it a relatively new feature?



Just for reference (I’m guessing Rich has already read it)…

The autoupdate=“false” parameter existed since … :slight_smile: let’s say, it’s an old parameter :), I use it since ~ 2013…

So am I just missing the documentation for it in the wiki (bad on me) or does it not exist (bad on us)?

No, I don’t think there is any documentation yet :confused:

It’s a binding (although it’s built-in) so it makes sense to document it on wiki binding page.

Bing! :bulb:

I thought it was a flag, not its own binding. Now a lot more makes sense. Thanks!

I don’t think it counts as documentation, but I first learned about it on this wiki page

Does anyone know if there any Openhab 2 binding which implements the service interface, or handles autoupdate as they should?

I have a new binding which creates items via discovery(simple linking), and I would like to demarcate some of the channels for the various items as autoupdate=false (e.g. Toggle switches). This is an openhab 2 binding, so there is not items file. So not sure how I should be doing that.


Would you not represent those as Contacts ?

There is a ticket. @rlkoshak will you include this in your updated items article?

my understanding is that contacts are read-only. i.e., for a motion sensor.

I need more of a push button, ideally which would send the command ON every time it is pressed.

Yes. I’ll be on tavel with limited access until next Feb. 18 and then again the week after that so it will likely be March before I can get to this.

You would use a Switch (or Number or String) and the “Push button” aspect is implemented by the Sitemap/UI. For example, on the sitemap:

Switch item=MySwitch mappings=["ON"="On"]

On Habpanel you would use a Button widget.

Oh hmmm. If I find the time, I could also work on my comments. Would that be okay with you?


That is fine with me. I’ve no sense of ownership over this sort of thing. Far more important to move forward.

My concern was not aimed at ownership but on… let’s call it personal space. I don’t want to mess around in your turf. (Is that a meaningful expression in English?) :smile:

Very meaningful idiom. :slight_smile:

You never have to worry about that with me. If I can’t get a change made and checked in quick quick quick I welcome others to pitch in and help out. And I’m so overloaded right now I find it a releaf for any help on anything I can get.

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