AV Widgets in Sitemap

Hello All,

I have a question/suggestion about the AV widgets to be added in Sitemaps.

What i mean by AV widgets is DPAD for example or Big UP and DOWN Arrows, Keypads for TV Channels numbers and many more.

What i think about it is a Widget called AVDPAD, or AVARROWS (Like for example Setpoint, selection, etc…) and a mapping for this Widget will specify each button’s action.

In time Being am using the Rollershutter Widget for UP and DOWN actions but still not friendly for using, a Bigger ones, one above the other, will be more practical. Other than the DPAD, Channels numbers, which are not available etc…

Maybe this topic is already raised before and it may the developers are working on it. But i find it will be an added value to Openhab mobile application.

Please share your opinion,

Thank you,

I doubt it since they plan on replacing the UI for version 3.0.

The current alternative approach for “fancy” UI is HABpanel. This does not use sitemap files, and you may create custom widgets.