Available rule object's properties only accessible on second opening

When setting-up rules I noticed by chance that some options are not available when adding the object but only when one edits them.

Why are these options not shown immediately after one selects the trigger/action/condition type? Since there is no hint that there are more options available on re-opening, beginners are likely to not re-open them after having added them and thus will not find the available options.

Adding the trigger.

Edit the added trigger

Add Action

Edit the added Action

Add Condition

Edit the added Condition

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be seeing with these screen shots.

Adding the trigger has the same options between the two screens. The only difference is in the edit screen you have a dropdown instead of a radio button. And that drop down shows all the possible trigger types. So you could change a trigger from a fixed time of day to an Item receives a command. But in that case you’d have a completely different set of properties.

But there is nothing hidden. You could create any one of those trigger types from the previous menu too where you choose between item event triggers, thing event triggers, time event triggers and system event triggers.

The Item Action example shows fewer options on the second opening than the first. And I think that list of Commands will come back if you click the X icon where you can select among the three possible commands again.

But, as with the triggers, you can click the “Then” field and see all the possible actions that can take place.

Are you referring to the media and script Actions in that third screen shot? Notice the “Show All” option when you first click to add an Action.

Click on that and you will see the exact same selection (which is populated based on the add-ons you’ve installed).

Nothing requires you to add and then go back in to see other options.

You are perfectly right. But without you pointing me at the “show all” button I would not have noticed it.

The “send command” line is indeed another culprit for me. It looks like a normal drop-down menu, i.e. you would see all available items from that list. Instead you have to delete the text from the line since it acts like a filter.

Any requests or usability problems are best addressed by filing an issue.

Actually I did find some items which are not available, when one clicks on “show all”.

E.g. if you click on “Add condition” > “Time condition” then you get the following:

i.e. an option “inside a time range”. If you click on “show all” rather than “time condition”, you get:

“Show all” seems to be more of a “show others” - or am I missing something once again? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure “it is a certain time of day” and “inside a time range” are the exact same thing only called different on the two screens. They should be called the same in both places so filing an issue might be warranted.