AVM Fritz!DECT 200 with Logitech Harmony Hub

Hello Guys,

today I have a simple question about configuration:
Has anybody ever tried to make FRITZ!DECT 200 available or controlable with harmony via Openhab?

Logitech itself is not compatible with AVM but both are compatible with openhab, maybe there is a way to bring both together!?

Thank you!

That is the whole point of openHAB. You have Items that represent each device and use rules to send commands to one based on events from the other. Once it is in openHAB, anything can command anything else.

Is there a tutorial on how to “link” Logitech Harmony to openhab, so that Harmony learns about the Fritz!Dect 200 switchable plugs and can control them?

The tl;Dr is no, there is not a tutorial for such a specific configuration. See How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial) for lots of getting started resources and https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/harmonyhub/ for working with Harmony.

There is no.

But before I answer, I have few questions:

Do you have a Hue Bridge? If not, you can emulate it while using Hue Emulation Service.
Then openhab emulates the Hue Bridge.

Do you want to use your Harmony Remote switching the “Fritz! Dect 200” ON and OFF?

If so, you have to install AVM Fritz Binding.

Then you have to create an .items file where you define at least one item (a Switch) for your Fritz! Dect 200.

Then you have to add a tag e.g. [ “Lighting” ] to it.

See here.

Bring the “Hue Emulation Service” into pairing mode.
Then search with your “Harmony Hub Software” for a “Hue Bridge”. Read Harmony Hub Manual how to achive this.
Add your item from above to it.

Define a button on “Harmony Remote Control” for using with the device. Read Harmony Hub Manual how to achive this.
Or create a new Action and assign your device to it.

Hello Celeano1,

thanks for your comprehensive answer.

I have done exactly what you suggested:

  • installed Hue service (and yes, I am able to understand the difference between Hue service and hue binding)
  • installed fritz binding
  • set up my Fritz!Dect 200 devices so that I could turn them on and off in OpenHAB
  • Connected the Hue service as a “hue bridge” to Logitech harmony

This was all more or less ok (I am ignoring the fact that the documentation how to get there has been partially wrong and outdated).

But I have not understood how the item files are supposed to be working: whatever I have written in the itmes file, it never got picked up successfully, and the hue emulation service never published any devices to logitech harmony.

I am assuming this is because of the (sorry to say in it in these harsh words) the total mess around how to set up items and maintain tags - the Web UI called “Paper UI” does not offer any options to maintain the items in an appropriate form or fashion, as it does not suppor tags editing.

In addition, the item file I created in \192.168.xxx.xxx\openHAB2-conf\items never worked - my impression was that it never got really read or interpreted by open HAB.

So, I guess my real question is then:

How do I maintain those tags in the items, or maybe even - how do I create or edit items? How do I make OpenHAB recognize/read the item file(s)?

Hope you or anybody else can help me on this one.

It would be very helpful to open issues when ever you find anything that is incorrect or outdated. See How to file an Issue. The main docs are maintained in the openhab/openhab-docs repo and the add-on docs are stored with the add-on code in openhab/openhab1-addons or openhab/openhab2-addons depending on the binding.

Finally, I would like to recommend that we consolidate the two or three threads that are onging right now into one thread. The Total disaster seems to have the most activity.


Please see here: tags via REST Docs.

[SOLVED] Alexa not discovering devices - yes one of these threads

Hint: The REST Docs has been moved from “Misc” to “UI” in Addons section in newer OH2 builds.

Yes, thanks for your recommondation. Will update the latest status (working, thanks to the help of this community!) tonight in the Total disaster thread.