Avmfritz: Power item does not get refreshed

I’m using oh2 and avmfritz binding with openjdk-8-jre. I have configured the bridge and a dect 200 with paperui and set logging to debug.
I can see that every three minutes a http request is successfully made. However the linked power item stays at 0.000

Other problem: I have set pollingInterval to 15 so shouldnt be there a request every 15 seconds?

Hey Motte,

can you please post a complete log of the refresh polling?

Did I understand you correctly: The current power consumption of your DECT200 should be 1833550409, but the item shows 0?

There seems to be a problem with copy/paste from putty to here. This is why I posted “1833550409”. It should be a xml tag

In this case the power is zero, but I have some other log entries with power > 0, but the item doesn’t get updated

Hi Motte,

thanks for the info. The response of your FRITZ!Box looks good. But - I am sorry - the interesting part of the log file is missing. The lines with prefix nal.hardware.FritzahaContentExchange are normally followed by some lines with .binding.avmfritz.handler.BoxHandler. Can you please append them to your extract?

Fact is, that I am sure I can explain you the problem, but cannot solve it directly. It is discussed in issue #1885. It only occurs sometimes and it can be traced back to a configuration error for the used XML-Parser in the binding implementation. I already uploaded a refactored version. It hopefully will be merged with pull request 1887 in the near future.

Do I need the log to be set to Debug or Trace?

I think DEBUG is enough.

egrep -i “FritzahaContentExchange|handler.BoxHandler” /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log

I dont see any “binding.avmfritz.handler.BoxHandler”.
Just “HTTP reponse 200” twice followed by “response complete:”… with correct values

I just found entry from ternal.discovery.AvmDiscoveryService and ternal.hardware.FritzahaWebInterface

That is wired. And maybe the problem. My log looks like this:

The binding parses the response XML and automatically generates JavaObject out of it. In issue #1885 the PowerMeterModel is “null” and the values are not updated. In your case there seems to be nothing and the log should contain a warning “no model in response”.

Does it matter how I configure it? Since there seems to be a problem with the syntax in .things file (https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/1963) I used paperUI to configure the bridge, the socket and created and linked the items

Yes it does. But using PaperUI should be the best way. I did the same except linking the items. I will test creating the channel links with PaperUI and give feedback.

After updating to oh 2.1 I get some binding.avmfritz.handler.BoxHandler messages.
I deactivated my workaround parsing the logfile with bash and I will see if it works now

Hi Motte,

any success with it? Can you give positive feedback?

Doesn’t work :frowning:
For security reasons I disabled paperui whenever I dont need it. Might this be an issue?