Avoid displaying input when setting binding parameters

I am making a binding which allows you to create users as things. Therefore, one can set the name and password as the thing’s configuration parameters. I am currently using a text input but obviously, passing a password as plain text is unsecure on multiple levels.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to make the input invisible/unreadable?
  2. Is it possible to handle the input like a GuardedString
    Basically, I am trying to achieve a similar behavior as textBox.PasswordChar from C#

I looked into the available parameter/item types, but it seems like a similar functionality does not exist.

Any help or ideas on how to implement such a functionality are highly appreciated.

Just a quick search. Is this any help?

Yes, thank you. This works for the internal handling but the password is still displayed in plain text in the thing configuration.

Such changes would have to be made inside the parameter tag of the thing-types.xml? I am new to binding development and this is still a little confusing.

I believe it is hidden if you add:


to the parameter.

Perfect! That works. Thank you guys :slight_smile: