Awning / Roller Shutter Direction Change Pause

Hello, community
how can I or perhaps someone has already implemented something like this?
Namely, I have an awning/roller shutter that has to maintain a pause of >500ms when changing direction. Unfortunately, Shelly does not have this function (yet). Maybe something like this could be implemented in Openhab?
I don’t know how to approach this?

I use a Shelly 2.5 RollerShutter module.


This is what rules are for.

You’ll need to isolate “what I want to happen” from “what it really does”.
The sane way would be a dummy Item, to which other rules and GUI send commands. The rule intercepts those commands, and conditionally passes to Item linked to real device with any necessary STOP, delays etc.
Exact details depend what feedback you get from the device - can openHAB tell if it is already moving, etc.? Might someone be manually poking buttons?

Because the dummy Item is the one you’d want on your GUI, you’d probably want to link its state to the real device (and disable autoupdate)

Thx rossko57,

Here is my suggestion:

rule "Richtungsänderungsverzögerung"
	Item SW_M_Terrasse received command
	logInfo("Markisen Test",receivedCommand.toString)

	createTimer(now.plusSeconds(1), [ | 
	logInfo("Markisen Test","delay " + receivedCommand)