AwoX Smart Light Binding?

Hi, is there anybody looking for or even better trying to create a binding for Awox connected lights?

One of the light producers using their system is Eglo

Looks like they are using Bluetooth Mesh
But there is not information about an API

Would very much like to hear if there was any way to incorporate the EGLO (based on Awox) devices to openhab.

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I also would be interested in this, I bought two Eglo LED lights controllable via an Awox Smart Control app.

Also interested

Hi, I just found several apps/programs to control the AWOX compatible lights on github.
Could this maybe help go further with the openhab integration?

Hi, any update on this topic? I am interssted on this as well.

BR Rene

Hi, or is there any other solution? Did anybody use Awox with openhab?

Hi, as I was the one started the topic, let me give a feedback.
I have up using this interface as there was nothing available that time and I was not capable building the binding up.
Obviously the situation is not much different.

There appears to be a home-assistant binding here: GitHub - fsaris/home-assistant-awox: AwoX mesh light integration for Home Assistant
Maybe someone can use it to create an OpenHAB one.