Azure IoT Hub Connector installation


I was trying to give it a try to Azure IoT Hub connector.
Unfortunately I can not find any page explaining how to install it.
The only information I found is here:

This page explains how to create the resource at ms azure side, but nothing is said about how to install the add-on

I searched in any of the Paper UI add-ons options (actions,bindings,misc,persistence,…) and found nothing.

By using the openhab-cli console, I tried to see if such feature is really available in, and saw nothing neither

openhab> feature:list | grep az
openhab-binding-amazondashbutton                  │ 2.5.0            │          │ Uninstalled │ openhab-addons-2.5.0     │ Amazon Dash Button Binding
openhab-binding-amazonechocontrol                 │ 2.5.0            │          │ Uninstalled │ openhab-addons-2.5.0     │ Amazon Echo Control Binding
openhab-persistence-dynamodb                      │ 1.14.0           │          │ Uninstalled │ openhab-addons-2.5.0     │ Amazon DynamoDB Persistence
openhab> feature:list | grep iot

I observed this on my “production device” (a raspberry 4), and also on a freshly installed oh2 sandbox.

Any idea or indication will be very welcome!


  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: any/RAM/storage
    • OS: _Raspbian (buster) / ubuntu 18 _
    • Java Runtime Environment: zulu-embedded-8 / openjdk 8
    • openHAB version:

I might have found the answer to my own question. It seems the add-ons has been removed in 2.5 milestone 3:

Could it be an idea to write a small note about it in the documentation page ?

According to the note it’s just a temporary removal. I don’t know why or how long it will be removed.

At the bottom of the docs page there is a link to the source code for the doc where you can make the edits and submit them for approval. See How to file an Issue for details.