AzureIOT IO module

Discussion about the 2.0 AzureIOT IO addon


If you want to test this module, instructions can be found in this pull request ->

Is there any more documentation on this module? I’m new to openHAB but already have a lot going to my Azure IOT hub. I configured in the Settings menu and included my SAS but am lost now on the next steps.


Thanks for your interest, The module needs an update to the 2.3 snapshot first.
I have already done the necessary changes, but this is not committed yet, since there was only little interest in this addon. I will test again first and let you know when this update is available.

Thanks. I don’t know if you can PM me but if you need anything let me know!
I have some connections on the azure side

I see that 2.3 is available. Is there any more documentation like examples on IoT side etc…?