Backup files empty

Hello all,

After doing a backup using “openhab-cli --full” I took a look at the zip file.
I’m wondering if its correct that there are no files for items etc in the conf directory exect readme?

Our OH4 is configured from the GUI. Does the GUI not create any files in the config directories?

I just want to make sure that the backup contains the complete configuration.

Configuration data created by the GUI is mainly stored in the folder jsondb.
In backup zip file it should be shown under path userdata/jsondb.

Thank you very much for the information.

What is the difference of the backup create with and without the --full parameter. It seems that the cache added by the --full parameter.

Does the backup created without the --full parameter everything required for a complete restore?

According to the usage/help provided by the tool:

A full backup must be done in interactive mode, and includes the tmp and cache directories
that are normally excluded.

It includes everything required for a restore of the OH functionality including RRD4J database.
In case you use any other persistence service you need to make sure that its data is backed up as well.

Configuration of other services like mosquitto, nginx, apache, influxdb, grafana, … are not backed up using this tool.

As long as you are interested in the configs ( of other services ) stored in /etc I would create a tar file of the etc directory to be on save side. What I normally do is creating such a tar file as well as a text file containing a list of all installed rpm package just in case I need to lookup if I forgot to install a package on the new system. Tar file of etc directory then is being used to lookup any special configuration. In case of setting up an instance with a higher OS version it is not meant to be used to restore that file as the syntax on the new system might be different.

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