Backup from windows to openHABian


I’m using openhab 1.0 with Nikobus. I developed on a windows PC and then copied all the configuration-files to the Raspberry PI folders. After changing the COM-port, everything was working.

Is this also possible with Openhab 3.0? If so, witch files should I copy?

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Use the backup.bat script in windows /openhab folder/runtime/bin/backup.bat.

Copy created file to openhabian \userdata\backups and restore using openhabian-config

There were HUGE changes between openHAB 1.x & 2.x and even more between 2.x and 3.x

In my opinion you would be better to build from scratch making that big a version jump. It is really like a totally different application.
You may be able to use the v1 bindings in OH2 to get you started and then use the remoteopenhab binding to get the Items int OH3 but I would expect a long, arduous process.


I saw that there is a big difference. So I started from scratch on 3.0, but on windows.
After everything is working fine, I want to copy the configuration on my raspberry PI.

I will try the backup.bat for the backup.

I think there is an openHAB command (openhab-cli backup?) that may work. Moving from Windows to Linux any text files, including JsonDB, I assume, have different line endings. That could cause issue due to the OS changes.

I suspect some here have at least attempted the move. On my Windows machine when I started i ran OH in a Linux VM using VirtualBox so that was not an issue.

Hi Marc,

I’m using Nikobus in combination with OH3 (used OH1 and OH2 before too) and my advice is to start from scratch with OH3. I’m not too experienced but managed to get it work.

You’d better make a whole new configuration in the Main UI (graphical interface) of OH3. Just use the address of your PC Link and schakel/rolluik/dimmer modules to establish connection.

Most information you are looking for is in this tread:

Nikobus v2

To emphasize the answer to your direct question. As Adrian_Hills indicates, the backup.bat script will zip up everything you need. Copy that over to the openHABian and you can use openhabian-config or openhab-cli restore to restore the configs from the Windows to the Linux version.

In general a backup needs to include all of the conf folder and most of the userdata folder. You should be able to open the zip file created by backup.bat to see what it grabbed as part of the backup.

Note you will likely need to change COMM ports to /dev/ttyUSBX for any bridge Thing that uses a USB device (e.g. Zwave, Zigbee, etc.).

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