Backup OH2 that has been moved to USB

Hi all,
I´m really sorry to bring up a Backup topic once more. How do I backup a openhab installation that has been moved to a USB thumb drive via the openhab-config? I realize it still boots from SD card.
Since I´m not sure if influxdb has its database on the SD or on the USB I want to start digging into that. But before I need a backup of course.
I´ve looked into the backup solution that comes via openhab-config, but this Amanda thing asked me about size of my usb and number of virtual containers. Of course I tried looking everything up, but coming from the world of Windows PC I´m having a really hard time.
I also tried raspiBackup, but I think it gave me a backup of the SD card only.

You have to tell Amanda the directory it’s supposed to put the dumps into. Can be another USB attached device, a NFS mount from a NAS or any other type of external storage (how you get it attached and mounted to your box is outside Amanda’s scope).
It’s asking you on the number and size of virtual containers. If you know its origin being a tape based backup solution, this may become clearer. For a directory “destination”, it’ll translate the "number of tapes in rotation"
into a number of subdirectories it’ll create below the main directory that you entered, and size is … well, size. It won’t ever put more than that amount of data into a single dubdir, but will split the backup into multiple subdirs if needed.
I beliver that ‘move to USB’ will place links, so ultimately the file names to be backup remain the same, so if you run Amanda at its default config, it should backup all important stuff.
However you can also enter any directory or file into the disklist file to have Amanda include that in its backup run, see also Amanda README (it’s in the openHABian docs, too). You could even enter both, original and linked dirs to be backed up, just to be sure :slight_smile:

PS: to move root from SD to USB will NOT help against SD card corruption. If that’s your reason you moved it, read up on the other current threads on this topic.

Too late. The Raspi killed my thumb drive today. I need either a new Raspi or try through a hub next time. I do have a spare SSD with a powered adaptor, but somehow burning an openhab image and installing without ever using any SD card ever worked.

how do I backup openhab to usb or network

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And your question is actually adressed in the docs