Backup / Restoring Z-Stick Gen5 to Gen5+

I saw a similar discuss on this from back in 2016 but since that was quite awhile I wanted to reconfirm or get updated guidance on this process.

I’m moving from OH2 on a Beaglebone Black with a Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick to a OH3 on a Odroid C4 with a Aeotec Gen5+ Z-Stick. The Z-Stick is online on the new system but of course, there are no devices on it.

From what I understand there are two tasks to complete 1) changing the network security key for new system back to the one on the current system and 2) backing up and restoring data for the Z-Stick.

#1 is trivial and it done by editing the Z-Stick thing in the OH gui. Just copy the key from the OH2 system to the OH3 system.

#2 I think is based on this How to use Z-Stick Gen5 backup software (Backup, and Restore). : Aeotec Help Desk

I have to ask… is using a Windows tool still the ONLY way to do this? Like many here, I don’t use Windows. If this is still the case I guess my only option is to use a VM and pass through the stick but I sincerely hope there is now a more agnostic way.

After these two task are completed, I need to shutdown my old system so there are no conflicts but all the z-wave items should show up in and be usable on the OH3 system.

Is this the correct procedure?

I’m tagging @chris on this because he’s the only Aeotec jedi master I know here :slight_smile: but I suspect there are others who are up to date on this as well.

Yes, as far as I know there is no other way than using windows because the tool is only available there. I was lucky because I still have both Windows and Macos when I moved from my old stick to the Aoetec. You may ask the Aoetec support who are very supportive but I think they won’t have a macos proposal (Still worth a try though).

You can also see this thread where I mentioned that topic:

[SOLVED] Unresponsive Z-Wave Network: Tools and Approaches to track down the issues

I couldn’t find another way either and as infuriating as it is, I was able to dig out an old laptop with Windows on it to backup and restore the z-stick. I’m still going to try and get this working on QEMU because this in my book is a serious failing for an otherwise good product by a good company (I have a number of Aeotec products and have worked with Chris on issues before so I know they listen to the FOSS world). No one should be forced to use Windows or even MacOS for a basic backup and restore feature.

I think the procedure worked and the only thing I had to do is change the z-waves string in my items file (quick when done with a search and replace on the file). I did not have to change the network key.

The network is slowing normalizing (reading parameters in as it queries devices) so I think anything outstanding will be minor.

That said, I have one major issue. Although my Yale YRD226 (which use the YRD220 Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt thing) is showing on the system, I have no control of it- attempts to lock and unlock do not work from apps (i.e. basicui, android) or physically. No events reports and even battery life is not coming. You get “Command class COMMAND_CLASS_DOOR_LOCK not found” which I have seen elsewhere to mean the lock did not pair securely. I’m also not seeing the door lock codes in the advance thing config but I would guess that is related to the issue (and that does work in OH2).

I not sure how to fix this since OH3 is showing the device up. Do I have to delete the device and pair it again or can I just go to the lock and issue the pairing again?

Great you got it working finally (always good to have old stuff lying around :wink: )
I had a similar issue with my (different vendor) door look which was because by default it uses a high security level (S2) which didn’t work in my environment (it was included as a thing but would not process commands). I then reseted it to be on S0, reincluded it and then it worked like a charm.

Yea I got lucky there- I have plenty of old gear around, 99.9999% of it is not Windows LOL

Last question to you @stefan.hoehn , when you say you reset your lock to be S0 instead of S2. Did you just go through the pairing process again on the lock or did you first remove the lock thing from OH?

I removed the lock but if I recall it wasn’t really excluded (I removed it from the stick with one of windows tools, see the other thread). Then I reset the device to the original state and configured it to become S0 aware. Only then I did the inclusion.

Well the lock was a bit of a mess… took up most of my Sunday and today. What I ended up doing is bringing up the old system on the old z-stick up so I could exclude the lock. Then I backed up the old stick again. Wiped the new stick and re-wrote it with that backup.

Now, there was no lock on the new system either.

Grabbed the 50ft network cable and set the C4 down a couple of feet away so I could re-added it.

Booyau, that work like a charm- just had to update the ids again but no messing about with any more Windows crap other than the software for backing up and writing the stick.

Moral of the story is, if you are moving to a new stick you really need to exclude your locks and other security (i.e. S2) type devices first. Thankfully, that can be done by pulling the Z-Stick out of the system and having it next to the device need to exclude. Having to re-add your S2 devices might be p.i.t.a. but using an SBC for OH makes this less of an issue especially when you are using a PoE switch and PoE splitter to power said SBC.