Backup size grew large with 3.3.0

Raspberry pi 4 openhabian
openHAB 3.3.0 Release Build

I just updated to 3.3.0 from openHAB 3.2.0.M4 and just did a backup from the config tool … the backup is now 200MB when previously all backups were << 10MB … is there a known reason for this? When trying to determine what files are causing the increase I found that the persistence-> rrd4j folder contained >300MB of data … so I thought that was it. But, when I compared the latest backup (200MB) and the last backup (7MB) I found that the rrd4j directories were the same (i.e. both > 300MB)

So anyone know whats up with this?

Did you install a lot of add-ons from the marketplace? Since they are cached in the user-data folder I would think they are included in the backup.

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No. The previous backup was done yesterday, then the system crashed (I had a power glitch, yes I know I need battery backup :slight_smile: … so I reinstalled the system using the latest build 3.3.0 … and then did a backup … so not much changes between the two backups.

Ok … sorry bonehead mistake … I found that in the process of installing 3.3.0 I thought I needed to install zulu java … so I started that process and left the zulu zip file in my userdata folder … (quietly exiting now :slight_smile:

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Same here, from 6MB to 360MB after upgrade to 3.3.0

In my case -and that makes me a bit nervous- the size was drastically reduced from 250 MB (yes, I installed a lot of stuff from the marketplace) to 8-9 MB (noticed 20 minutes ago). I can open the ZIP file without any problems. but I need to compare the conten of an old & large file against one of the new “slim” backups.

I had a look in the small backup and the directory “userdata/kar/” is empty and
in the big backup there is a directory “openhab-addons-3.3.0” with 390MB.